Monday, March 29, 2010


Big news people! Ricky Martin is GAAAAAAAAAAYYY! Man, any chance I get to make a Drop Dead Gorgeous reference, you betcha I'm gonna take it. Did you catch that? 2 references within the first 3 sentences! I really shouldn't be all that excited about that but I am. Anywho.... on to more relevant matters...

Tis Monday evening and a wonderful one at that. I've spent the past several days in a wonderfully blissful state. I had Friday off to do chores and get the mundane tasks out of the way, as per usual. Then Saturday, the Hub, pup, and I went to my in-laws' for a relaxing afternoon filled with lunch, sunshine and watching the dogs snip at each others' noses. And oh yeah, we made Mila gallop her happy ass almost 2 miles to grandma's house. Needless to say, she slipped peacefully into a coma and cursed us in her dreams for the whole car ride home and the remainder of that evening. Even though that day wasn't particularly eventful, it was wonderful. I haven't been this chipper in a long time and I like to think the weather played a big part in my mood. 

Sunday was  spent eating breakfast with my parents in honor of mi padre's cumpleaños. We parted ways while we ran errands and my parents headed back home to Placerville. After settling back at home, we decided, what the hell, and headed up to Placerville to hang out at my parents' house. Mila loved seeing her other grandparents, and she especially loved sniffing every substance in their backyard. There's no end to the twitching of that little scrunched up, spotted, flubby nose. Sniff sniff sniff! On everything. And oh yeah, she almost ate a beetle, but when he started playing hard to get and dodged her advances, she said, "F that, I'll go sniff this rock instead." Because rocks are far more interesting than live insects. Go figure. She's still very much in that "EVERYTHING IS SO NEW AND EXCITING! stage, and she must sniff and/or lick everything in her path to determine if the object at hand is worth her time or perhaps there is something better over there! or over there! OH LOOK! A LEAF JUST FELL FROM THAT TREE! LET'S GO CHECK IT OUT!

Dear lord, I just realized I've spent the majority of this post rambling about my dog (which is borderline embarrassing in itself), whom I haven't even properly introduced! Mila Georgia McGrew is our nearly 6 month old Boston terrier puppy. Mila was a name that the Hub tossed out there while we were driving one day. Georgia came about on our car ride to pick her up from the breeder's house. We knew her first and last initials were going to be M and M, so we thought it'd be cool if she were MGM. Well turns out the breeder's house was on (or just off, I can't quite remember) Georgia St. And there you have it. Here she is in her usual pose (with something hanging out of her mouth):

My happy pants mood continued through today, where I went to work and spent the day learning yet another aspect of the job from my ever-so-patient boss. God bless that man. I've been at my job for almost 4 years now, but in some ways I still feel very much like a newbie. There's just so much to learn but thank goodness for the managers I've had the pleasure of working with lately. They have so much patience and this sort of...."we're all in this together" attitude, which I realize sounds cheesy but it's the best way I know to describe it. 

I came home, had a light dinner and read my new book: It Sucked and then I Cried by Heather B. Armstrong. LOVE IT as I love all things dooce related. I pried myself away just long enough to get my ass kicked by Jillian Michaels and her trusty side-kicks via her fitness DVD. If you try it, expect your limbs to feel weak and jello-y immediately following your workout. And you may need the help of a loved one to haul your shaky, exhausted body into the shower. You were warned. And if you don't experience this and I'm the only one, well, don't bother telling me about how weak I am. I might cry. Despite my weariness, I'm still in a good mood, as it's now Gossip Girl time and the yuppie upper east side kids require my attention. God knows they don't get enough attention as it is. 

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