Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Otherwise occupied

Shit's. Going. Down. Since my last post, I slammed my foot firmly on the gas pedal of the time-to-grow-up mobile.

But first, a recap: Gina is still trucking along with me and we are still in love. Mila is flatulent as ever. The Hub and I still love each other to bits. The Hub is continuing to work hard at his computer nerdery job, and I am still working at my engineering-y job...kind of. We'll circle back to that in a moment. In short, our cast of characters here is doing well.

Last year was somewhat of a whirlwind as it brought forth some big changes. Good changes. Nerve-wracking changes. Late last summer saw us buying our second home and selling our first within roughly 50 days. We moved closer to work and out of our sketchy neighborhood. We spent the fall adjusting to and making minor improvements to our new home. Every weekend consisted of a different project (HUGE shout out and THANKS to the hard-working Hub, again). We hosted Thanksgiving and sailed through the remaining holidays.

Then in mid-January, Mila's world changed forever. Internet, meet Hercules:

Look at this face and chewable ears. He's a Boston terrier mix of some sort and he shadows Mila all day long. And me too. He likes to guard the shower while I'm in there, but like a gentleman, he keeps his back to the shower and doesn't peek. Ah, chivalry. 

I guess I'll take a step back here and mention that I'm not currently working. Last Friday was my last day at my job for a while. I'm blaming this person:

That's right. I done got knocked up. We will be meeting this tiny lady in a couple of weeks and I am so excited/happy/anxious/scared. I've been blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy and have high hopes for an equally smooth delivery. Fingers crossed. Pray for me. Here's the closest thing I have to a maternity photo:

To be honest, we've both been so busy that I didn't schedule a maternity photo session with a professional photographer. Fortunately, we had a family reunion last weekend in a park-like setting so I found a spot I liked, played with some of my camera's settings, and tossed my camera to my sister to take this photo (thank you, sister! I love it!). It's a little prom-y but I love it. Of course, that might just be me looking at it through baby pink colored glasses.