Sunday, June 20, 2010

It Is Time

That time I've been dreading for the past few years has finally come. It's PE registration time. What exactly is the PE, you ask? Well even if you didn't, here's a definition courtesy of 
"The PE exam tests your ability to practice competently in a particular engineering discipline. It is designed for engineers who have gained at least four years’ post-college work experience in their chosen engineering discipline. The PE exam is typically the last step in the process of becoming a licensed P.E. (or professional engineer)."
Basically, you pass this test and get your Professional Engineer's license. I have until July 19th to gather all my application forms, college transcripts, and reference letters (I have to ask at least 4 of my supervisors/peers to vouch for me and the quality of my engineering work thus far) and send them in to the California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Should I miss this deadline, I will have to wait 6-ish months to apply and take the test in April since it's only given twice a year. Once I register, I am basically plugging into study mode for the remainder of summer until the test at the end of October. I kid you not, my friends, this thing is brutal. It's 2 days of 8 hour long exams. Oh, and there's a take home portion I need to complete and send in with my application. Lovely. I almost forgot about that one. Needless to say I am not thrilled about it but I am motivated. This test is broken into portions and should an examinee (notice my restraint in that I didn't say "testee." Except for just now.) fail any portions, they have to retake and pass each portion to obtain their license. I constantly hear about colleagues who must take and retake the test and I definitely know how that goes. I had to take the EIT (Engineer-In-Training exam, junior version of the PE where it's *only* 8 hours of testing) twice. It's not a fun experience. I'm really shooting for passing on the first try, but in order to do so I know I'll have to buckle down hard. I'm probably going to need to paste this to my hand during study sessions:

(as seen here)