Saturday, July 17, 2010

I should be studying

But instead of studying, we've been having fun getting some new toys for the house. The one I'm most excited about:

That's right, friends. We got ourselves an imac. It was a gift for both of us since I had recently been lusting after a new system (and larger screen) to view and edit photos. The Hub also wanted it because he had been wanting a mac for years. Out of his collection of computers, he had yet to call any of them a mac.  (yes, he has various computers. in case I never mentioned it before, he is a self proclaimed nerd. it's practically part of his job) We opted for the imac instead of any of the mac books mostly because we figured we wouldn't necessarily be traveling with it, and we didn't want to shell out that much additional cash for one anyway. We're both pretty excited and have a lot to learn about it still. I'm having fun playing with iPhoto and maybe in the future, I'll cave and get Lightroom or some other software. Still have to do some research on that. Perhaps when my photography hobby gets a little more serious, we shall see.

Another, more Martha Stewart-y toy we got was:

Finally got myself a sewing machine. I had a few projects hiding in the closet, just waiting to be hemmed or otherwise mended, so hopefully I'll finally get around to them. I already mended a couple dog beds because Mila thought they were for killing, gutting and eating the scrumptious fluff contained within each one. It's been a trip to start sewing again since I hadn't done it since high school. I forgot how much fun it was. 

In other news, a couple projects that were on the back-burner have finally been completed and/or are underway. First, I got started on our "wall of wedding photos."


I know, I know.  "That's it?!" Well, we have a bunch of other 8x10s and 5x7s that are sitting in frames, just waiting to be slapped on the wall. I'll get to those eventually. I'm still getting over how labor intensive it was to get those 2 pictures up, perfectly even, and level so that stack of 12+ frames is not at all enticing. 

Oh! And how can I forget the little project that morphed into The Project I Wouldn't Mind Never Doing Again: re-finishing my old dresser. First, some brief backstory. I bought this dresser at a little antique store when I was in still in high school and it was pepto pink when I bought it. Literally so pink that it required the aid of medication to keep your stomach from turning while looking at it. Through the years I painted it a couple times, and recently decided to paint it yet again. I figured it was time to really do it right and I decided to strip the paint off, primer and repaint. I had no idea how vile a substance paint stripper really is. People: buy really good gloves if you are going to work with this shit, lest you end up removing layers of skin from your hands along with layers of paint from whatever it is you're working on. Anyway, after the dresser shed a few coats of paint, this is what it looked like: 

After some more paint stripper and much sanding, it was time for primer then paint. We decided on yellow because we thought it'd be a sunny pop of color in our otherwise neutral and subdued bedroom. After paint, it was off to find some new knobs. We found some gorgeous ones at Antrhopologie (as well as a new hook for the dog's leash and collars and a fun new doorknob for Hub's office and a new dress for moi, but anyway...): 

(Please excuse the poor quality of these pics.) 

And of course the final product:

And a bonus photo of Mila, just because she wanted some camera time: 

What a ham.

Anyway, we've been productive the past few weeks. I won't even go into the projects The Hub has been tackling. Let's just say that our tv stand is new and improved and the new stereo receiver kicks a metric ton of ass. Oh, and he loves his Dremel tool. And no, that's not a euphemism.