Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good riddance, February

So, yeah. February came and went without so much as a peep out of me. Or should I say, not a click out of me. Or whatever the hell kind of noise a keyboard makes. I don't know why, but I think my hormones decided that I would pms for the entire second month of the year. It seemed like there was drama in every aspect of my life. I won't go into details here because I do have some boundaries, believe it or not. Let's just say that at any and every point in time during last month, I was either sad, irritated, or stressed. Does that ever happen to you? Please tell me I'm not alone on this one. Anyway, things are looking up for March as well as the next few months so the whining will stop here. Ha, did you believe that last statement? Silly goose, you are. Shows how much you know about me, because that leads me to my next rant....

So how old are you supposed to be before staying in hotels stops being SOOOOOOO fun, and instead you spend every minute worrying about the germs lurking on every surface. Yes, I have become that person. Only pressing the buttons on the TV remote when I'm really ready to make a commitment to a new channel or volume level. I know, I shouldn't even be touching it to begin with, but it's NBC Thursday and I gotta watch the arrival of Jim and Pam's baby. And let's not forget how I get a terrible night's sleep because I'm constantly waking up throughout the night because the temperature is like that of a meat locker. And that's because the sad, pitiful excuse for a heating/AC unit decided I was too demanding and sighed dramatically as it breathed its last breath. And one last thing, perhaps the best, is the family of miscreants that decided to book 3 rooms, but can't exactly remember which 3 and decides to just go around plugging their room keys in every door until one of them flashes that little "YOU WIN!" green light. FOR REALS. Moral of the story: I miss my hub and puppy at home.

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Jessica Roy said...

Veronica! HI! I'm so glad you found my blog, and then I in turn found yours!