Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello. I'm new here.

Happy lunch time. I'm sitting here at work listening to the Daily Show (via Hulu), listening to the daily card game just across the hall, clinking away on the keyboard, digesting lunch, and stressing about the catholic church. Well, not so much the Church in general, but the actual Parish at which I've chosen to have our wedding ceremony. Over a week ago, I telephoned the fine administrative staff at a certain catholic church in the area. After leaving her the pertinent details of The Most Special Day of My Life, the church lady informed me that she would have to call me back after speaking to the priest. Well, it's been over a week and I've still received no word. Mind you, we've signed contracts and put down our first deposit on our reception site and florist. Let's hope I get word soon, and if I don't, I may have to have words with the church lady. It'll give me a chance to use a new phrase that was tossed around at today's card game: "I'm going to chew your ass."

I'm not sure how to follow that, so I won't even try.