Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the blog title will make more sense after this

So the new year brought along with it the same old resolutions. Eat right and work out regularly, get more organized, get the house looking spiffy and take more pictures. So far, things have gone according to plan. I've hit the gym consistently, at least 4 times per week since the beginning of the year, the house has been coming along nicely and I'm planning on a new dslr come tax return time. But this whole food thing, man is that hard, especially when you consider that my whole day revolves around food. I'm constantly thinking about it: when I get to have my next snack, what it will consist of, and when I'll have the next snack or meal after that. Despite the thought-consuming power of food, I do eat pretty well. I start my day with oatmeal, but come 10 am, my good friend Hunger comes up from behind me and punches a hole through the back of my chair and wrings out my torso. You can imagine how inconvenient this whole scene is since it's a pretty small office and the resulting sounds from my stomach are cause for embarrassment. After the morning snack, the next 2 hours are ok, and then that bastard Hunger comes around again and the whole scene repeats. This usually continues for the rest of the day till dinner time. The easy thing would be to say, just snack on healthy stuff like nuts or fruit or something. Sure, I can do that, but why would I? Especially when the doritos in the pantry do such a wonderful and tasty job of taming the wild Hunger and then throwing it out on its ass.

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