Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm flying!

Sorry about the delay, it's just that I've been busy relishing in the fact that I am now a registered civil engineer in the state of California! I honestly thought the results could have gone either way and I was in shock when I opened the envelope from the Board and I read that first word in all caps: "CONGRATULATIONS!" I collapsed into a heap of elated tears.  I did it, peeps. And I am over the moon. What started out as one of those days ended in sweet, sweet victory accompanied by ice cream cake.  I need to thank the hub and our families for their support and encouragement as I missed many an outing over the past year, all in the name of my studies.  And guess what? It paid off, my friends. I'll get to enjoy this summer and hopefully make up for the fun I missed out on last summer.

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