Monday, April 25, 2011

Yoga Peeves

During yoga, my brain is unable to slow down and concentrate solely on breathing and balance. Instead, my brain keeps buzzing in my skull and is entirely too aware of my surroundings. I usually end up making silly observations like:

  • "Oh, that person came in late, I could never do that. How rude." or...
  •  "Of all the spaces available in class today, I had to settle down next to The Flatulator." or...
  • "Why is that guy wearing a visor in class?! Those things were cheesy even in the late 90's. Oh, and P.S. The lights are dim. And there are no windows in here. And it's night time." 

It's very un-yoga of me to think like this during class, but I can't seem to help my hyper-vigilance. Instead of beating myself up about it, I thought it might make for some fun quips on le blog so check back for some updated "Yoga Peeves."

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