Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On the other side

I survived! I made it through the grueling 13 hours of testing and now it's only 15-ish weeks until I get the results mailed to me. FIF. TEEN. WEEKS. I can't express the anguish that I feel just by typing that, but I must say that the sense of relief I feel far outweighs it.

I have soooo been looking forward to getting my leisure time back and since the exam, I've been having a hard time focusing on what I want to do first. I've been looking forward to so many things, including:

  1. posting on le blog
  2. taking more photos
  3. getting back into the gym
  4. reading the books I've put on the backburner
  5. playing silly videogames with the Hub*
  6. *Addition to number 4: drinking and playing silly videogames with the hub  
  7. shopping (get better soon, Roseville Galleria!)
  8. testing out holiday recipes. Gotta brush up on my stuffing and take a stab at beof bourguignon.
  9. seeking out artwork for our bedroom and office; possibly framing some of my photos...
  10. catching up on the movies we wanted to go see at the theater
  11. baby showers! 
  12. getting in touch with friends that I haven't seen in months
  13. tackling another painting project (eyes rolling back into my skull)
  14. VEGGING. OUT. 
I'm so excited for the fall season and my new found free time. It's good to be back. 

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