Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday

Puppy turns one today! Happy Birthday, Mila. I remember when you were so tiny and snuggly. Like so:

So tiny and squishable...

 So protective of her toys from day 1

One of her first walks

Learning the joys of sunbathing

And here she is just being so effing cute. 

Yes, we love our spoiled pup. And to think, just last year she was a tiny, wrinkly (and in all likelihood, not very cute) newborn and we were getting ready for the wedding. What a crazy year it's been! Here's to many more, my furry child.

 P.S. Sorry we bore you so much. Zzzzz....

1 comment:

Jessica Roy said...

i love your pup! could she seriously be any cuter? don't think so. :)